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tired and sore

I am not happy. Once again, I managed to twist my back up in my sleep & woke up with my right hip & lower back in agony & not very able to move :/ I don't like having to cancel work because I can't get out of bed! Worst thing is, it's the second time this week that I've done it. Then again, I am the person who managed to not only dislocate her shoulder while sleep, but also pop it back into place without waking up. So I have quite a history of injuring myself while asleep.

Took starflower oil (to help with joint pains) and paracetamol, and I can now move about the place without being in pain - but I feel exhausted though I haven't actually done anything with the day yet. I really do want to just go back to bed. So tired. So groggy.
Tags: not a morning person, spoon management

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