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BiFest on teh web.

The Brighton BiFest website is live! Enjoy! I am particularly proud of the shiny Google map, which took a fair bit of wrangling to come into existence. While I did all of the rest of the site myself, Richard is a hero, and has spent several hours fiddling with Javascript to try to create a version of the map page that'll work on PDAs and Windows Mobile devices - you know, for those disorganised geeks who find themselves at Brighton station without a print out of where they're supposed to be going...

I've also updated the MySpace page. My gods, that interface sucks. Apart from being freakishly slow and requiring Javascript for things that really shouldn't, it's just so unbearably hard to navigate. It's particularly daft that you have to pretend that an event or a group is a person because they don't have a "community group" option when you set up your profile, like they do with bands. If you are perverse enough to use MySpace, please go & add Brighton BiFest to your friends, so I don't feel that I've entirely wasted my time.
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