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wuzzie reports in email: "The cute! It burns! Want!!" at the following baaaaby polar bear. I think picture 5 is the cutest. Baaaaby bear paws! Five little baaaaby bear toesies on each back paw, four baaaaby bear fingies and a thumb on each front paw. Awww.

Today I am insanely, ridiculously, sleepy. It took me AN AGE to crawl out of bed, and I haven't woken up properly all day despite application of light box, nasal spray, nutrition, vitamin pills, shower, chocolate and hot herbal tea (any two of which would normally be enough to do it). I'm in the sort of sleepiness state where I regret my extreme overreaction to most forms of caffeine, because coffee would seem like a good idea today. Perhaps I should get some jasmine or green tea and keep it in the house for emergencies. (I can handle the amount of caffeine in a large mug of hot chocolate, a small mug of green tea, or in many small cups of jasmine tea. I can't handle the amount of caffeine in half a small mug of normal British "cuppa" tea, or in coffee, or in more than 2 mouthfuls of Coke or Dr Pepper. I also detest the taste of coffee.)

I have, however, achieved a haircut. It's the sort of haircut I specialise in, whereby most people external to me can see no difference. My hair has had about 6-8 inches cut off the bottom, but this merely changes it from so long I was lying on it in bed and getting caught up in it to, er, long. It feels lighter, looks neater, and I'm sure it'll be much easier to wear in ponytails or bunches. But unless you knew that my hair was most of the way down my back, you're unlikely to notice any difference.

Sometimes I like extreme haircuts. I like the look of me with short hair that curls around my face. But Richard and my mum both have a strong preference for me with long hair (and tell me so on a regular basis), and my other partners don't much mind either way. So long hair it is... unless I think of something better to do with thick so-dark-it-looks-black (but isn't really) wavy/curly hair.
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