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Stuff and things.

I am so very tired again/still, and slightly stressed.

List of stuff I HAVE to get done before going away:

  • My tax return. Yay. Submitted 2008-01-27. Still need to pay the tax I owe, though.
  • Arrange travel insurance - for me. Done just now.
  • Buy prescription prepayment card. Done 2008-01-28.
  • Collect drugs from pharmacy. Achieved 2008-01-26.
  • Photocopy passport, flight details, hotel details & prescription "just in case". Done.
  • Attempt to do ALL of the exercises in the cognitive therapy course book before Monday at 2pm. (I don't think this is going to be happening, which will have made the entire thing a waste of time :/ ) Not all done, but enough done that it wasn't a waste of time. 2008-01-28.
  • Phone the airline & make sure the special meal requests are active. Confirmed 2008-01-28.
  • Sort out BiFest workshop stuff.Half-done.
  • Email LBGT societies at universities & colleges about BiFest. Half-done.
  • Chased the stupid college for money they still owe me. Well, they have the letter chasing it. I don't have the cheque yet though.
  • Print out labels with the addresses of people who are to receive postcards.
  • Sort out & pack prizes for Pokecharms competition winners who live in the US. - Not worth doing as the main prize winners were outside the US!

List of stuff I don't have to get done before going away but will need to have done by the time I get back:

  • Get addresses of supermarkets & Whole Foods. Done 2008-01-27. Got to remember to copy the information to my phone/PDA.
  • Check how on earth to get to the huge shopping mall in Queens that I found last time. Achieved 2008-01-27. It's easy by subway. This is nifty: New York City Subway Route Finder.
  • Find restaurants! Especially places I can eat in Las Vegas, as I'm not convinced it'll be easy. 'Tis done.
  • Organise where & when I'm going to meet people.
  • Figure out what we're going to do in Las Vegas apart from attend alt.polycon.

List of stuff I don't have to get done before going away but will need to have done soon after I get back:

  • Agency forms for both agencies.
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