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Vegan Las Vegas

I am researching options for places I can eat in Las Vegas. There isn't a whole lot of choice. However, there is apparently a DONUT STORE which is entirely vegetarian and 70% of items are vegan. WE MUST GO THERE!!!

Ronald's Donuts
4600 W Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada (89102) (at Decatur)

Who at alt.polycon is going to have a car with them? Apparently, if you're from out of town you can phone and they'll make up a huge box for you. Mmm.

I suspect we will eat at Il Fornaio at least once. It has vegan minestrone soup and pizza on the dinner menu. Mmm, grilled zucchini :D

Il Fornaio
New York, New York Hotel
3790 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, 89109

Johnny Rockets is also a possibility. They do vegan Boca burgers, and also offer grilled cheese sandwiches - which should keep my mum amused. (She doesn't eat burgers or fake meats.)

Johnny Rockets
4480 Paradise Rd. (1.5 miles E. of the Strip between Flamingo & Tropicana, across from the Hard Rock Hotel)

I wish I understood miles. Bah.

The Go Raw Cafe may be suitable for both me & my mum, although I have a slight Fear of raw food. A couple of the items on their menu sound delicious:

Our soft tortillas filled with “spinach-ricotta”, veggies and marinara sauce. Served with a side of pasta primavera and a blend of pesto, marinara, olive oil, garlic, sun~dried tomato. $12.95

Perfect Pasta
Zucchini pasta primavera with a blend of marinara, pesto, olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, & garlic w/ garlic living bread. $9.95

Sure to be a favorite, if it isn't already. Served with a side of house veggies and garlic bread. A delicious combination of zucchini, carrots, spinach, marinara & nut cheese. $12.95

I wish I understood why Americans insist on calling tomato sauce "marinara" instead of napoli/napolitana or pomodoro. Every time I see "marinara" I think "eeek, seafood!" (a particular problem considering how violently allergic to fish my mum is) before realising that a vegan restaurant is unlikely to serve dead fish.

Go Raw Cafe
Locations: The Lakes Center, 2910 Lake East Drive, LV
Open 9am to 9pm Mon-Sat. Closed Sundays

Smiths Shopping Center, 2381 Windmill Lane, LV
Open 8am to 8pm Mon-Sat. Open Sun 8am to 5pm

I suspect I'll end up at an Indian restaurant at least once. Not sure what I'll do with my mum while I'm there, though. There are two possibilities: Gandhi and Samosa Factory. (Both are non-vegetarian restaurants). Of the two, the Samosa Factory has much better reviews for vegans on Happycow. Apparently the owners actually know what a vegan eats.

Samosa Factory
4604 West Sahara Ave, Ste 6 (at the corner of Sahara and Decatur)
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Apparently both of the vegetarian Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas are lousy for vegans (!!). The place called Veggie Delight has random egg and random dairy in dishes, and reviews suggest that they'll tell you something is vegan when it isn't. I can tolerate small amounts of egg in food, but dairy makes me extremely ill. The place called Long Life Vege is able to tell you what is & isn't vegan, but one person on Happycow said they found a cockroach in their food. I can cope with the existence of cockroaches on the ground, but they should not be in my food. It might be a troll, but I'm not sure I'm willing to take the risk. However, P. F. Chang's China Bistro has a separate vegetarian menu and lists all of the ingredients on the website (perhaps also ideal for people with food allergies?). They have a location on the Strip itself and another which I recognise as being vaguely near the alt.polycon hotel (though whether it's nearer than simply going down the Strip, I don't know).

P. F. Chang's China Bistro
4165 S. Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89169

also in Aladdin/Planet Hollywood
3667 Las Vegas Boulevard
South Las Vegas, NV 89109

I tend to be leery of Thai food due to lemongrass, cilantro (BLECH) and random egg, but the Thai restaurant called Komol explicitly mentions vegan on its website. Again, it's a mixed restaurant for omnivores & vegetarians. It appears to have a separate and extensive vegetarian menu, and is apparently much much better than the Thai restaurant called Lotus of Siam in the exact same shopping centre. Lotus of Siam talk about how so many of their dishes can be made vegetarian, but almost none of them are already vegetarian.

Komol Restaurant (Thai)
953 E. Sahara Ave.(1 mi. E. of the Strip)
Open 11am-10pm 7 days a week.

I think that's enough restaurants that I can be sure I won't starve. Yay.

Of course, restaurant reviews will follow once I've been to the places :D
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