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when you go, will you send back... - helen-louise
when you go, will you send back...
a letter from America? (Sorry for the Proclaimers earworm there.)

Who wants a postcard from the US? Priority given to people that I won't actually be seeing at alt.polycon, as that would just be silly ;) Priority also given to people who answer this poll within the next 24 hours, as then I can print out your addresses onto labels to take with me, which greatly speeds up the whole postcard-writing process.

Do you want a postcard from the US?

Yes please.
If it's not too much trouble.
No thanks.

Where would you like a postcard from?

New York! The city so good they named it twice.
Las Vegas! Sin City with gambling and vice.
alt.polycon! Signed by as many of those lovely people as you can find.
I don't mind, it's all exotic to me.

Where should the postcard be sent? (Enter your address, or a link to a post containing your address).

I've set the "who can view" to "none", so feel free to enter your address in the poll itself.

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micheinnz From: micheinnz Date: 27th January 2008 21:23 (UTC) (Link)
But really only if it's not going to be too much trouble, and also if postage isn't going to kill. Because, seriously.
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