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Modern art!

The EeePC is still broken. I bought a set of screwdrivers for the princely sum of $5.99 in a Radio Shack a few blocks down from the hotel, and opened the memory holder. Everything was intact. Just to be sure, I took the board out and put it back in, and no difference. It seems fairly apparent that the flash has been wiped :/ This means that I am, in fact, carrying a brick around with me.

It's possible that we can restore the factory settings using the recovery disc that came with the machine and an external CD drive (it doesn't have ANY internal drives), but that will require going home. It's also possible that if someone can bring a USB hard drive to alt.polycon with any sensible OS on (the EeePC comes with Xandros, but will boot any unix-type OS or Windows XP), that I'd be able to use it there. This is not, however, guaranteed 100%, and I'd hate for someone to feel obliged to bring a hard drive in their valuable luggage space. Generally, it is Teh Sux.

So this is just a placeholding entry as written on the expensive hotel internet to remind me when I write this up later (or in case I never do):

  • Hooting keeps my mother awake
  • The Quest for Glucosamine
  • Candle Cafe - omg, the portions!
  • Central Park & NYPD
  • Guggenheim Museum - WOLFIES!
  • Meeting rosefox & sinboy
  • Babycakes - vegan bakery!
  • Yummy Italian food
  • Christopher Street & Stonewall memorial
  • Times Square - Rock Band adverts! Hard Rock Cafe!
  • Bed about 2 hours later than it should have been.

That may, in fact, be enough information for you to know what we did :)
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