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back home now

dino, my mum & I are all safely back home. Flight came in early, but it still took an age to get through Customs, then we got stuck in roadworks on the way back from Gatwick. I have spent most of the day sleeping, waking up once when my alarm went off (because I'd decided it would be sensible for me to get up at 6.30pm so I'd be awake for a while before crashing out again - except I was far too tired to move), then again about 11.30pm. I have now eaten food with nutritional content plus lots of innocent smoothie and two chocolate chip cookies, and am thinking about watching the rest of my Pokemon movie (as I don't have enough brain to do anything else), and going back to sleep. Now is not the time to try to catch up on my livejournal friends page, neglected for 8 days & with lots of posts about the con I was just at!

More tomorrow.

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