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Does anyone want to see the Harry Potter film with me tonight/tomorrow?

This is probably only relevant to you if you live in or near London, though you can obviously read it regardless :)

The trains were so crap today that I'd like to go and see the Harry Potter film either tonight (Wednesday) or tomorrow (Thursday) rather than going home in the rush hour. I know quite a few of you have seen it already, but perhaps you'd like to see it again. I certainly want to see it before the weekend, as Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back is out then!

I finish work at 4.30pm on both Wednesday and Thursday, so would like to go to an early evening showing. I work near London Bridge, and can happily travel out to zone 2 or 3 outskirts to save money on the tickets if that would be preferable. And although I'm not a big fan of children, I don't mind any of your kids at all and would be very happy to be accompanied by small people.

Let me know if you're interested. I won't be able to read livejournal or email during the day as I don't have access from work. However, you would be able to send a text message to my mobile, or leave a voicemail on my answerphone - I'll check it during my breaks and call you back if necessary to make arrangements. The number's oh seven nine seven four oh eight two nine nine six.

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