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note about fixing your default bag after travel

It is much easier to get to work if you have:
1) a travel pass for the city you actually live in
2) house keys for the house you actually live in
3) a purse full of money in the currency used by the country you live in.

Funnily enough, a passport is only helpful if you work in a different country from the one you live in (and hop across the border every day), and US dollars are only useful if you live in the US (or in some developing country where US currency can be used as bribes). Oops.

Currently I am supposed to be at a university open evening, but I have a very sore throat, and don't think it would be sensible for me to try to go anywhere. Fortunately, I only got infected by other people's plane germs on the flight home. I hope this'll be a passing transitory thing and I'll be all better by Saturday. As long as I can speak and feel less wobbly, that'll do.
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