helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

changed my lj profile, again

I still hate the 150 limit on interests. Every time I want to change my profile I run up against that, and have to drop a few more things. *sigh*

Interests removed from lj profile:
Bemani games, digital cameras, Konami, rainbows, Skippy peanut butter. I don't care about any of those enough to add them to my interest overflow extension page though.

Interests added to lj profile:
cognitive behavioural therapy, innocent smoothies, Okami, Peanut Butter & Co (I am ridiculously addicted to White Chocolate Wonderful), Questionable Content.

The next thing to go *might* be Laurell K. Hamilton, as I can't stand the way the Anita Blake series has become a massive sex-fest. I thought about removing mobile phones, as I'm not the world's most uber-geeky mobile user, but the fact is they remain a VERY important part of my life, and I'd find it hard to exist without one.
Tags: livejournal meta

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