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It's Picocon on Saturday. I seem to have not been in a few years, owing to various $stuff and things (working on Saturdays, illness, and apathy), but I'm actually quite interested in this year's guests. They are Cory Doctorow (who I didn't realise had anything to do with Boing Boing until recently), Liz Williams (the one who isn't sashajwolf) and some bloke called Paul Cornell who writes Doctor Who episodes.

Anyone else interested/going? As ever, it is hosted by icsf in the shiny grounds of Imperial College, London. I really want to see the new library (in the fourth different location since the library I Knew And Loved. Although I was still at college for two of the others).

And why don't I have a "science fiction" tag already? Or should I just tag this "science" AND "fiction"? Hrm.
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