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All technology hates me today :(

irc log from just now:
astra: i managed to break the inner tube of my tricycle tyre when i tried to pump it up - i think the pump is faulty, as richard managed to do the same thing.
astra: the 13cm spanner that richard had was not long enough to multiply my maximum force enough to budge the nut to change the inner tube.
astra: the nut appears to be corroded with some sort of white oxide layer, although it "should" be stainless steel.
astra: and the printer is refusing to print anything out, even though it is supposedly connected to the network. it *will* photocopy.
astra: so yes. machines are not my friend.
astra: oh! and pc world managed to send me 2 cyan cartridges + 1 magenta instead of 1 cyan, 1 magenta & 1 yellow - and i ONLY JUST noticed.
astra: and i've now officially run out of yellow ink.

More details later. Now I just need sympathy :/
Tags: moaning, not geeky enough it seems, tricycles

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