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I was hoping that I'd have acquired some more spoons by now. Hrm.

Today I have been attempting to play Pokemon Emerald, which is odd as there was a major change in how moves work between the 3rd & 4th Generation of Pokemon games, and my brain is half-full of 4th Gen stuff which won't work on an older game. Am stuck because my current team isn't good enough to beat Norman (the 5th Gym Leader and also the dad of my character (!)), and I can't remember where to go to level them up. Have also been excessively sleepy and quite snotty/itchy-eyed/irritable. Blargh. Also, my left shoulder hurts for no apparent reason.

I officially have Too Many tabs open in my browser, and I really need to clear some of them out. Expect a serious/thought-provoking link dump imminently.

Edit: Real content exists here. All technology hates me today - details! & 1000 pieces of malware, hanging on the wall
Tags: moaning, pokemon, spoon management

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