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serious/thought-provoking links

the_siobhan linked to this with the warning: This is really hard to read. El Salvador: pro-life nation. About women who've been horribly injured from illegal abortions in a country where it's now impossible to get a legal abortion, and how they're prosecuted and sent to prison on top of the punishment from their injuries. As horrible as it sounds, but important to read if you can read it without getting triggered.

anansi133 is a new addition to my friends list after alt.polycon, and he comes with very interesting posts, for example Out-of-Context Problem. He also linked to Why we banned Legos a.k.a. The political history of capitalism with LEGO(tm).

How to Deal With Impossible People has been on my mind a lot this week, for some reason.

rosefox wrote about college graduate Adam Shepard's "interesting experiment" in trying to work his way out of poverty, and how boneheaded the reporting on it has been.

What it's like to be a sexual minority. A fantasy by Brian McNaught, from Gay Issues in the Workplace. For all of you who are happily heterosexual and can't understand why the queer folk make so much fuss.
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