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I hate viruses.

Blargh. I have found out why I'm so fatigued and short of spoons. Yet Another Bloody Illness. This will be the third cold-or-flu thing that I've had since Christmas, which is really rather crap. It's probably the cold that Richard brought home, although why my body would wait until the sixth day of his illness to become infected, I don't know. (I suppose it would be the fifth day if I counted Sunday, based on the fact that I slept until very late, was then too exhausted to get out of bed for another 2 hours, and spent the whole day somewhat lacking in brain. Might not have had any visible markers of infection, but severe fatigue must count.)

I have quite a lot of snot, a sore throat, terrible cough, and a headache from coughing so much. Yay. As long as I don't try to talk, I can go without coughing for up to 10 minutes at a time. If I lie down, or try talking - cough cough cough *hack* cough. Boooring.

I do think my body is trying to tell me something about workload & spoon levels, but I wish it would be a bit less cryptic.
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