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I have bacteria! [1]

Went to the doctor today. Woke up at 9.45am because I couldn't breathe, and rang up for an appointment. Of course, all the "book on the day" appointments had gone - you have to ring at 8.30am for them. Never mind that when a person is ill, they often sleep later & heavier than usual, and it's somewhat crazy to have to set an alarm to get up on a day when you know you won't be working because you're sick! Took my inhalers, checked my peak flow - found it was crap (330 on the EU meter, when my usual is 430) & rang back for an "emergency" appointment, citing asthma & peak flow as a reason. Got given an appointment at 11.50am, finally saw the doctor at 12.40pm.

Apparently my lungs are gunked up, which implies a bacterial infection - I'd thought this was likely from various TMI symptoms, which is why I went to the doctor on the second day of being ill rather than leaving it a week. I have the standard delicious Amoxicillin antibiotic,and also some friendly bacteria capsules to take so I don't get a completely upset stomach (because antibiotics seem to be excellent at clearing out the bacteria that are supposed to be in the body, and lousy at fighting the invaders). Hopefully I will be feeling more human soon.

My brain is mostly working today, which is an improvement on yesterday.

[1] Yes, I do recognise that's a stupid title considering that even in a healthy person, the number of bacterial cells is usually around 10 x the number of human cells. I mean that I have extra bacteria to usual, and they're the wrong sort. :P
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