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The Venn Diagram of Depression (Draft 2)

I am still wretchedly ill. The amoxicillin doesn't seem to be doing anything at all, and I'm getting rather sick of coughing my lungs up. Bah.

Here's something I put together in boredom the other day:
. Based on a discussion here. It's not perfect, but feel free to comment on it or link to it. May try to improve it, I'm not sure.

1. All of the types of depression overlap to the extent possible within only 2 dimensions to show that each type of depression can change. For example, someone in chronic situational depression may become biochemically depressed and not notice until after they've escaped from the situation.

2. Premenstrual Syndrome & Dysphoric Disorder, Post Natal/Partum Depression and the Baby Blues are in pink to show that they affect women. They overlap to show that the situational depression called the Baby Blues might develop into biochemical depression called Post Natal Depression, and also to show that the women most at risk of PND/PPD are those with PMS.

3. Dysthymia is chronic "low grade" depression that will often be regarded as part of someone's personality - "Eeyore syndrome". People with dysthymia are however at risk of episodes of chronic depression. So I put it in the overlap between temporary and chronic biochemical.

4. Abuse survivors may be placed absolutely anywhere on the grid depending on whether they have managed to escape from the situation yet.

5. I'm not happy with where I put grief. It could do with being on the overlap between temporary situational and chronic biochemical, because a person who doesn't recover from their bereavement or loss properly is at risk of developing long-term biochemical depression. Really wasn't sure how to get it there, though.

6. I haven't even considered bipolar disorder. Mania & hypomania are somewhat different to depression, and there already exist Venn diagrams to show the overlap of monopolar depression, dysthymia, cyclothymia and bipolar disorder.

I should probably rewrite the various things I said in that thread about my depression with some kind of time frame and post it here for newer acquaintances to read, but spoons have not existed yet. Really wish it wasn't Sunday tomorrow, so I could go to the doctor and get some antibiotics that'll work (rather than the one they used to dish out like sweeties when I was a kid, that every known bacterium on the planet must be resistant to). Have several things I "should" be doing, but no motivation to do anything. Can't even face playing Pokemon because the COUGHING is too distracting.
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