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for an intelligent person, I can be pretty stupid.

I am an idiot! I thought that I had therapy at 2pm today, so I dragged myself out of bed and phoned my parents to try to arrange a lift, because we're having some sort of severe thunder+rain storm and I didn't think it was safe to cycle. Did I check my diary? Nooo. And it turns out my appointment is *tomorrow*. I'm very tired because I couldn't sleep for half the night because of the noise of the storm, but I couldn't really go back to bed at 1.30pm when I have to work at 4pm.

And then the student I was supposed to be seeing at 4 couldn't make it, so I'm not going to her house until 6.15pm. ARGH ARGH ARGH!

And now I not only have an upset stomach from the antibiotics (which are doing very well at killing off my body's own friendly bacteria while not touching my chest infection at all - yes, I am eating friendly bacteria to try to replace them), but I have a period starting as well! ARGH!!!

I was going to make a doctor's appointment this morning to try to get some better antibiotics, but the storm was too bad. Will have to do that tomorrow. Grah.
Tags: disease, icky girlstuff, moaning

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