helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

I wrote this entry some hours ago and forgot to post it.

Has anyone else noticed that the Guinness World Records people now have a channel on YouTube? Most of the new world records are really bizarre, though - things that either anyone could do, or things that most people wouldn't even think a person could do. There's one for the largest number of spiders on a human body for 30 seconds, which I was boggling about because any human who is not afraid of spiders could do it (I'd certainly volunteer). And another for the most t-shirts worn at once, where the only problems are a) finding t-shirts large enough for the later stages and b) not overheating whilst wearing 200+ t-shirts. Then there's a record for the most number of people crammed into a Smart car (the original two-seater design). And a video of what they describe as "underpant jumping". Frenchman Matthieu Bommier jumped into and out of a pair of underpants a total of 27 times in a minute on the set of L'Émission des Records in Paris, France in April 2001. Um.

Going to bed now, and found this at the back of my windows. Oops. Hope alexmc is having a good party! I am so not in a state to be there :(
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