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more meme-spreading

kshandra posted a link to the What Harry Potter character are you most like? questionnaire. Apparently, I'm most like:
# 1 Bill Weasley
# 2 Albus Dumbledore
# 3 Gilderoy Lockhart
# 4 Hermione Granger
# 5 Remus Lupin

I agree with the choices of Bill, Hermione and Lupin (though suspect I am more like Lupin than Hermione), am flattered by the choice of Dumbledore, but am totally baffled by the selection of Gilderoy Lockhart! In what ways do I resemble him? I chose "no" for the "Are you particularly concerned with appearance, especially your own?" question, fer gods' sakes! Ah well.

And rosefox posted a link to a site which celebrates a Japanese video game more disturbing than any I've seen before. Which is saying quite a lot, considering my usual tastes in games...

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