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So, the livejournal strike yesterday was rather annoying because I wanted to moan about my life and how I don't have enough time in it. How all I seem to do is work plus basic maintenance of life stuff (cooking food, eating it, doing laundry, taking out recycling - I don't understand it, the damn dishes and dirty clothes keep on respawning!) and I don't even have enough time for all the things I need to do, let alone the things I want to do. For example, the rather necessary job of getting this house to stop being a tip is rather difficult due to the aforementioned respawning which eats through all the spoons that I have for cleaning. And everything I want to do involves having a brain - making Sims videos, writing stories, learning Japanese, relearning chemistry - and I don't have a brain in the evenings after work. And even some of the things I need to do and don't really want to require a brain - getting the house in order requires that I have enough coherent thought to be able to sort our possessions into useful, not useful but wanted for sentimental reasons, and junk. So I wanted to come online and moan about all of that.

But instead, we were striking, so no livejournal posts or comments. So instead of turning on the computer, I picked up my folders, and spent 4 hours reading through organic chemistry lecture notes from 1994. For fun. While I recognise that this is a strange pastime, it made me very happy. I didn't think I had enough energy or concentration span to keep working for that long, but it was too interesting to stop.

I think there may be a valuable lesson in this.
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