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am brain-dead

Today I have been the sleepiest human alive. I have been technically awake for hours and taught five students, but I still don't feel awake. Am sitting here yawning my head off, only too aware of how badly my brain is working. Have eaten "proper" food several times, taken multivitamins (and an extra dose when the first lot didn't work - I can do that, they're supposed to be 2 a day but I normally only take 1), have drunk about half a litre of innocent smoothie and eaten several dried mangoes (enough to be 2 or 3 "portions" of fruit by the government's 5 a day thing), and even a couple of squares of Fry's Orange Cream (a sugary chocolate bar). Am still ridiculously tired. No amounts of protein, carbohydrates or vitamins have worked. And I must have got over 8 hours sleep last night.

There were several things I wanted to write about, but I just Do Not Have Energy. I hope I feel better tomorrow after an early night and a late start :/ Could really do without chronic fatigue popping up again.
Tags: sleep disorders

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