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I am Not Allowed to get ill - helen-louise
I am Not Allowed to get ill
I haven't experienced a spoon failure quite that major in a while. I was falling asleep on the train home from work, which is normal, except I didn't wake up again when I got off the train. Wandered home slowly intending to grab my *other* bag and go out to my last student, but instead spent 20 minutes lying on my desk going "ergh" before giving up, calling him to reschedule, and going back to bed. At 6pm. Where I promptly slept until 9 or so.

I still feel vile and sleepy, as well as being in pain from the period again/still, and now I have ear pain as well as sneezing. This has to be summer allergy season starting, okay? I am Not Allowed to get ill when I've spent sodding £70 on a costume for the party on Saturday. (Granted, the parts of the costume are rather lovely gothic clothing items that I will wear again, but it's going to the party that was the enabling mechanism for me to actually look at buying myself some new dressing-up clothes!). Also, Richard's idea is awesome, and I really want to see him dressed as it - and if I don't go to the party, he certainly won't be. Bah. Blah.

Going to bed for the night just as soon as I've finished marking this exam paper.

Current Mood: tired tired

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nessbutterfly From: nessbutterfly Date: 11th April 2008 07:44 (UTC) (Link)
Now that I'm on holidays, I'd happily send you some extra spoons. If only it were possible.

It feels odd wishing allergies upon someone, but I really do hope that's what it is.
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