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PSA: not really here.

A Public Service Announcement to note that I'm even more behind with livejournal than usual. I'm very busy and experiencing lots of stress. I'm coping with the stress, but at the expense of losing most of my spoons for interacting with other people. I've been too tired in the evenings for much apart from Guitar Hero III (which we've finally fixed to not be annoyingly out-of-sync - now the notes are only slightly out-of-sync with the music, except for Welcome to the Jungle, which remains completely fubar).

The number of posts I'm planning to make but haven't got round to yet is now up to 13, or possibly 14. Life keeps happening and there aren't enough hours in the day to write about it as well. I'm writing this on a train, in an attempt to get a bit more caught up; but I doubt it'll help.
Tags: just another boring life update

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