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Ludy has no computer! and house organisation

artremis's computer has died, so she won't be online from home for a while. I asked if she could bring it up to London this weekend so that conflux and/or wuzzie could look at it, but apparently she already has to bring the Big Bag of Bisexual Craft on the train and can't manage a computer as well. I doubt anyone feels like running down to Worthing to pick up Ludy and her computer on Saturday morning, but it's worth asking.

Can people who are staying with us for BiFest - so far, these are softfruit & haggis - please tell me what you like to eat for breakfast. Also what sort of drinks and milk you prefer, and whether or not you're allergic/intolerant to soya. If you can eat soya I can make us all pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast, but if you can't I'll have to find time to buy some ready-made ones from Sainsbury's, which may not happen. The default breakfast when Richard isn't around is entirely vegan (Linda McCartney sausages + potatoes of some sort + fried red peppers + baked beans and/or tinned tomatoes), but I can get eggs if someone other than me is prepared to cook them.

I am currently annoyed because I have lost two exam papers somewhere in my terribly messy house. While I was planning to tidy up a bit before the weekend due to aforementioned people staying here, I wasn't planning to tidy up my study. (All of my current students can cope with the mess - some of them even find it comforting (!!)). The lost exam papers are most likely to be in my study, but to be perfectly honest they could have accidentally escaped into one of the upstairs rooms. Doubt they're in the bedroom because I tidied that on Saturday, but front room & spare room are both possibilities, and both of them have boxes & piles of stuff everywhere. Ugh.

Things we got done on Saturday, for my reference:

  • Vacuumed the floor of the bathroom and bedroom.
  • Tidied & put away/recycled 95% of the crap in the bedroom. There is now a vast area of VISIBLE FLOOR.
  • Washed the windows of the bedroom and front room upstairs so that we can open them in the summer without lots of dust and dirt blowing in.
  • Cleaned the moss out of the guttering above the bay window. First time we've tackled that since before we even moved in. It was quite easy with a broom.

Things that we still need to get done:

  • Tidy & put away/recycle all the crap in the study. Find missing exam papers.
  • Type up list of books read so that they can all be put away.
  • Tidy & put away/recycle all the crap in the front room. Die of shock at the tidiness.
  • Vacuum floors in study & front room.
  • Wash spare pillowcases.
  • Find some way of getting the dead bed to the dump. (Do the council collect large objects at some points in the year? Cheaper than hiring a van, I'm sure.)
  • Vacuum the stairs. Remove & tidy/recycle crap from stairs.
  • Tidy the kitchen & wash down work surfaces.
  • Affix skirting boards to the walls in front room & under the radiator in spare room.
  • Get Richard to actually tidy his workshop to the point where the door can be closed and I don't have to look at it.
  • Clean bathroom again. Probably on Friday night.
Only some of these things need to be done before Saturday, but I might as well get the whole lot written down so I remember it.
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