helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

in an attempt to close outstanding tabs

Weird sex: Giant squid do it deeper. Very awesome! If you like squids. Link possibly from mactavish.

Cute & funny Pokemon animation. Probably makes more sense if you are at least in passing familiar with the Pokemon games, but it's still good. Link from Alex at Pokecharms.

The Idle RPG. Amuses and disturbs me immensely. Link from hoopycat.

Alarming surreal art! Features copious numbers of tentacles, as well as people merged with animals in bizarre ways. I think image 4 is my favourite. Link from slightlyfoxed via booklectic's journal.

Robots made from fonts. Very cool if you are a font geek. Link from j00j.
Tags: cephalopod, links, pokemon, yes i'm a geek

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