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Hummous and house-tidying.
Richard is a very silly wuzzie. Conversation from Saturday:

R: If they invent a Roomba that will vacuum stairs, I'm buying one. Don't care how much it costs.
HL: You don't care about its environmental effects or how much electricity it consumes?
R: No, it can be assembled by starving Indonesian children, sewing it together by hand, covered in lead paint, and be powered by a caesium generator. If it does stairs, I'll take it!

Tonight I made hummous and roasted vegetables for dinner, served with toasted pitta bread. The hummous is from a recipe I've used before but with the feeble 2 cloves of garlic replaced with a more realistic 5 cloves, and roasted red pepper, courgette/zucchini and carrots, which don't need a recipe (preheat oven to 200 degrees C, make up stock using one stock cube + 200 ml of boiling water, pour stock over chopped vegetables, drizzle with a little garlic olive oil, cook for 30-40 minutes). Richard declared that the hummous was "the best hummous ever" and formally thanked me for making it. I'm quite flattered, but I've made it three or four times before, just not for a couple of years. Amazingly, the tahini was a) not past its use-by date yet and b) still fresh. Although oil is a good preservative, most nuts, seeds or spreads made from them are only good for 18 months or so past opening. I guess putting it in the fridge helped.

Things we got done on Saturday, for my reference:
  • Vacuum floors in study & front room.
  • Wash spare pillowcases.
  • Vacuum the stairs.
  • Tidy the kitchen - half done.
  • Clean bathroom again.

Things that we still need to get done:
  • Tidy & put away/recycle all the crap in the study. Find missing exam papers.
  • Type up list of books read so that they can all be put away.
  • Tidy & put away/recycle all the crap in the front room. Die of shock at the tidiness.
  • Talk to council about getting the dead bed to the dump.
  • Remove & tidy/recycle crap from stairs.
  • Tidy the kitchen & wash down work surfaces.
  • Affix skirting boards to the walls in front room & under the radiator in spare room.
  • Get Richard to actually tidy his workshop to the point where the door can be closed and I don't have to look at it.

The list is reducing, but not fast enough.

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alexmc From: alexmc Date: 6th May 2008 01:05 (UTC) (Link)
i am with richard on this topic :-)
From: hattifattener Date: 6th May 2008 03:01 (UTC) (Link)

Don't care how much it costs?

Hey, I can do robotics. For the low low price of ... um, US$1 million, I'll design and build you a stair-roomba! For an additional $100k/year I'll provide service and support. (Site visits may be extra.)

(O'course, you could take orders of magnitude less money, put it in a bank, and hire a cleaning service on the interest ... you could even pay them to communicate only in cute little beeps.)
rmjwell From: rmjwell Date: 6th May 2008 03:27 (UTC) (Link)
I dunno; Roombae seem to be the larval stage of Daleks already. Giving them stairway capabilities might just tip the balance.
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