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Argh. There is a weird solventy smell in my house. I'm not sure if it's gas, but I'm not sure that it's not gas. I went outside and walked around the block, and although some people outside are using a disgusting-smelling barbecue, I'm sure the smell isn't coming from there. Because it's in our kitchen and in my study and, weirdly, very strongly at the top of the stairs outside the bathroom. And when I've poked my head out of the window, all I can smell is fresh, clean air.

So I've phoned the Gas Emergency Line (0800 111 999) and now I have to wait for an engineer to show up. And I have a headache, blocked nose, ears and sinuses from the smell, whatever it is. And a weird taste in my mouth. I don't think it's warm enough to take the laptop outside, somehow. (It isn't plugged in.)

In a way, I'm hoping it is a gas leak, because at least that's fixable. If it's some other kind of organic solvent randomly attacking the house, I don't know how we'd find it to stop it.

Update: Gas engineer has been. Gas smell has also gone. Mystery! I feel exhausted, nauseated and crappy though, so I'm going to bed as soon as Richard's home.
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