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Past few days in hits and misses.

It's been a long few days. Let's do this in the Yay and Boo style that other people favour.

- 4.5 hours of work starting at 11.30am.
+ Saw Tim & Peter.
+ Peter is my personal computer fairy, bringing me a "new" laptop for Ludy plus an official Microsoft Office 97 install disc. Don't ask what I need it for (will explain later).
+ Went out for dinner at the nice Italian that's not open on Sundays.
- Wanted to go to sleep before Tim & Peter had even left (impressive, considering that they are morning people and I'm not!).
- It took me/us 5 hours or so to reinstall Windows & put all the new software onto Ludy's "new" computer. Got to bed far too late.
+ It was kinda fun to put music I like & think she'll like and photos of us/things meaningful to us on the computer for her. I get why people like to be computer fairies now!

- Started way too early. Left Norbiton on the 08:36 train.
+ Got 4 exam papers marked on the way down.
+ Very interesting service at the hippy church. More about that later.
+ Had "accident" of book buying and acquired 9 new books, many of which were on my "things I want to read list".
+ They were from the church or the Oxfam bookshop, so I spent a grand total of £20 which all went to charity.
+ Brighton Festival Open House art was worth seeing.
- BT Internet's router software is dreadful. Wanted to leave Worthing around 7pm and actually escaped on the 21:02 train.
- Even though software is correctly installed, Ludy only has net connection sometimes. It keeps carping about the lack of a wireless card in the laptop despite there being a big yellow ethernet cable going to the router.
- I hate BT Internet.
- Journey home was ridiculously noisy and my head hurt too much for me to want to use earplugs.
- Didn't get any more marking done.
+ Did read two of the new books, though.
+ There were cute gay boys cuddling on the next seat along. They spent part of the journey sitting opposite each other with legs entwined, then they switched to sitting side by side and sleeping cuddled together. One of them had blond spiky hair and the other one had brown spiky hair with a beard. V cute.
- Stupidly long wait for train from East Croydon to Clapham Junction. Think I ended up waiting 25 minutes for the slow train which left Brighton 11 minutes later than the fast train I got. Apparently only trains from Brighton were stopping at ECR and CLJ, or something. Bah.
- The women's toilet in East Croydon had a dying/flickering light in it that, when coupled with my headache, made me almost pass out. Got through my business by closing my eyes.
- Finally got back to Norbiton at 23:44.

+ Richard had the day off work.
- Had argument with Richard about the wisdom of installing the BT Internet router software. I thought that I should because every router we've ever owned came with a disc, he thought I should have noticed that none of the discs have been taken out of their boxes. Hrm.
+ First student wasn't until 2pm.
- Couldn't sleep past 11am because the garage was making too much noise.
- Digestive system has been hating me all day.
+ Finished work at 6.30pm.
- Headache was so bad that I went to bed at 7.30pm.
+ Richard brought me food & provided company while I was awake.

- Couldn't sleep past 9am because the garage was making too much noise. (I think they have someone new working there, because I was woken up by a shout of "This is a professional garage that does serious business. If Chris catches you doing that he'll go mad!".)
- Still feel like crap. Head a bit better but digestive system still awful.
+ Managed to avoid having to go into central London for students in the evening.
- Not going to BU as understandably have no spoons.
- Have too many exam papers to mark: 2 by Y, 4 by K, 1 by S, 2 by T, 1 other exercise by T and 3 by J. Don't actually know how many papers that makes because my head hurts too much.
- Each exam paper takes between 15 minutes and an hour to mark, as I don't just give ticks and crosses but actual comments about what was wrong and how they should phrase an answer.
+ dino is a very understanding plushie of much love.
+ Going to Blackpool on Thursday to see the hexapus & make friends with some rollercoasters.
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