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good news, and a cold.

I've just heard that meirion passed her PhD viva. Apparently she has all of a page of corrections, which will take about half a day to do! That's really, really good news, and I'm extremely happy for her. Almost proud, in an "I know this person" sort of way, but it seems odd to feel proud about someone doing well when I have in no way contributed to their success myself.

I really wanted to go up to Cambridge for her post-viva celebration, and then try to get back down to London to go to some of the Bisexual Underground party-thing, but I have a sore throat, a runny nose and don't feel much like travelling. As my job involves spending 7 hours a day talking, I really want to get over this cold as soon as possible, because I don't want to have to miss any hours I've booked in for. I missed work on Wednesday because of the panic attack, and I've missed a few shifts because of things like insomnia and South West Trains. I don't want to miss any more shifts if at all possible. Argh. I feel really bad that I'm cancelling going out, especially with D. when there is truly something to celebrate, but I need to get better :(

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