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I need about 6 more hours in each day.


Today I got out of bed at 2 pm and ran out of spoons by 4.30 pm. I'm wondering if that's a new record. I don't get to fall over properly for a whole calendar month: the kids' last exam is June 19th. May have died by then.

Our extremely brief trip to Blackpool was good, but now I have three more livejournal entries to add to the ones I already had to write, plus a few hundred more photos to shift through and upload. Need more free time, so I can sleep, if nothing else. Also, for some reason I woke up abruptly at 7 am both mornings I was away (while Richard dreamed happily beside me), so I had 4.5 hours sleep on Thursday night and 6 hours sleep on Saturday night. Gah!

Took all the exam papers I had to mark on the trip. 9 hours of trains meant I'd done most, but not all. Got home to find 6 more pushed through my letterbox. Acquired 3 more today. Argh!

Am 440 entries behind on the default view version of my livejournal friends page. May not catch up ever. In idle moments while actually here, have been posting comments on interesting things or where I have an opinion that hasn't already been expressed, but I'm not sure whether anyone is seeing those comments. If I had more time at this exact moment, I'd post a poll asking whether you get emails of comments and read them (I only get emails of my own comments, and they go straight into a filtered folder that I rarely read), but I really don't have time. I'm only online now because I put the computer on to type up some notes for students :/
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