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I have, at this moment in time, 13 freaking A-level chemistry papers to mark. You'd hope that this close to the exams, I'd just be ticking stuff or writing the odd small comment, but noooo, I still need to write copious notes about mistakes on them. Some of my students are also stupid and give me 4 exam papers all at once, which means they make exactly the same mistakes on all of them. I've been handing the later ones back unmarked and telling them to fix the problems themselves before I mark them.

Richard had some small, vile luminescent yellow stickers that he was using for paintball circuit boards, but he can't find them right now (except for the ones that are already printed). This is a shame, because I still need that "Carbon only has 4 bonds!" rubber stamp, and a vile yellow sticker would do. Especially for the horrible child who managed to give me two pentavalent C atoms and a univalent C on the same paper. And then tried to make the carbon of a C=O double bond chiral. Argh argh argh!

I am also enjoying retro computing in the form of Microsoft Word 97 and Kaleidagraph version 3.02. Installing them on my current computer was rather odd, especially as the Office install disc came with a free copy of Internet Exploder version 3; but they run like lightning. I may actually keep them installed after the project has finished.

Also, some parts of my life are not crap. They're actually rather good.
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