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It's 3.40am, and I'm supposed to be getting up at 7 for work. So why am I sitting in front of the computer writing a livejournal entry? Because of my bloody stomach, that's why. I actually went to bed at an almost sensible time (1am), but then as Richard and I were hugging and preparing to sleep, my stomach started burbling and the most horrendous fart came out. A few minutes later I had to run to the toilet, and since then I've had wind, pain and diarrhoea. Again. I'm starting to get worried about this. A couple of weeks ago I decided I must have become lactose intolerant, and it seems that avoiding milk products has been useful - but now a couple of times in the past week I've had these problems when I'm sure I haven't eaten anything containing lactose. Tonight I'm certain of it - apart from some Chinese food, the only thing I've had is a cake that I made myself specifically using only dairy-free ingredients.

I'm wondering if I should go to the doctor about this, but I don't really want to bother the doctor about something that might in fact just be a common food intolerance. I've had to go to the doctor so often over the past couple of years that I feel embarrassed to make an appointment for anything not directly related to monitoring the medical conditions I've already been diagnosed with. As it is, I need to see someone about some small skin growths I have. Nothing to worry about - the tendency towards these funny little growths runs in my family and they're entirely harmless. My mum calls them "skin tags", but I don't know what the proper name for them is. I've had a couple for years in out of the way places (like inside my bellybutton), but lately I've developed quite a few, including a large one on my face which is growing at a noticeable rate, and I want to get rid of them before they become too unsightly.

*sigh* I feel down. I'm going to have to ring work in the morning and tell them I can't go in, because even if my stomach stops hurting in the next ten minutes, I don't have any hope of getting enough sleep to be able to function. Bloody hell - I need the money, and if I keep cancelling shifts my work will get pissed off with me. I've already cancelled two shifts because of a cold, another two because of a panic attack and one because public transport was too screwed that day for me to have any hope of getting in on time (if we're not there by half an hour after the shift starts, we can't do that shift). Why can't I be healthy?

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