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There is no spoon.

Do you ever have days where you become conscious without actually waking up, and get an earworm of the sort used in theatres where one of the stars is ill and will have their part played by an understudy? "Today, the part of $my_full_name will be played by A. Zombie."

Been having that a lot, lately. Work has eaten the rest of my life. Things will be easier after today, as it was the AS chemistry exams this morning, so I've "got rid" of all those students for at least a few weeks (most are continuing next year, and will restart lessons in July). Things will be much easier after 19th June, when I'll have got rid of everyone and plan to go to Iceland for my birthday. I've wanted since my 21st birthday to go as far north as possible, to a place where it doesn't get dark all night. Looks like it may actually be achievable on my 32nd birthday. Many aspects of the trip are completely up in the air due to a total lack of spoons for organising, but I'm hoping that it'll happen even if it does end up as just me & Richard. Also, if things go well I won't be able to randomly take off for holidays when I want to for the next 5-7 years, instead being constrained by term times imposed externally, so it had better happen or else.

Feeling very disconnected from people. Too tired to be online even when I do have spare time. Been playing Dragon Quest VIII: The Journey of the Cursed King. Not doing much cooking. Eating lots of takeaway. Spoons do not exist.
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