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Ways in which my life does not suck. - helen-louise
Ways in which my life does not suck.
Today I got to spend a large amount of fake money on the trip to Iceland. There are four people travelling: myself, and my three partners; and considering how late we're booking it wasn't actually that expensive. Nonetheless, in conjunction with some other things that have come up lately, it's got me thinking about my priorities in life.

When I was poor (when I was a student, during the horrible 13 months when I sat around at home too ill to function, and while working at a crappy telephone market research job) I was very material possession-oriented. All the money I had left over after paying my bills would go on Things - mostly, CDs and video games. I saw spending £25 on a game that contained 40 hours-worth of amusement as an investment - because I couldn't afford to do everything I wanted to, and I needed things to do that were relatively cheap. Getting entertainment for a mere 62.5p per hour was an excellent thing.

As I've been working harder and for more money, I seem to have got to a point where I've almost gone into reverse. Now, I only seem to regularly spend money on things that I need to stay alive: food, meds, cleaning materials for self & house, toilet paper, etc. I spend very little of my disposable income on entertainment or material possessions, because I already have too many Things cluttering up my house, and I don't have enough time to play/read/listen to everything I already own. I'm rich in money but poor in time, rather than the other way round. Instead, my money gets funnelled into a savings account (that will eventually become a pension, once spoons exist to get that organised) and left there. The only things that I spend large amounts of money on are education and travel. Going to museums, visiting friends around the world, seeing new places. Experiences and memories in my head, rather than physical objects. And, y'know, I'm totally okay with that.

People keep asking me what I want for my birthday, and the truth is "Nothing, really". I have a wishlist which I need to update with books, CDs and DVDs, and I'm happy to receive any of those items. But for the most part, I'd rather get to see my friends and do something interesting with them than receive yet more $stuff. The only things I really want are the trip as far north as possible on the Solstice (which I've been waiting 11 years for) and a large, glossy photograph taken at a professional photographer's of all my local chosen family, to be framed and mounted on the blank piece of wall in the study (which I've been wanting since my 30th birthday).

I think being an integer power of 2 years old is worthy of celebration, so I'm planning to have a party sometime over the summer. Not sure when or where, and of course the summer is already packed with other people's plans, making things difficult. Though I'm sure geek social fallacy #4 is bound to apply, I'd still like to invite everyone that I know and like to come along. And I'd be happier with people's presence at the party than with anything else.

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