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health update (not very interesting unless you're me)

Blah. Health is still not fantastic.

Have been achieving sleep moderately successfully via a combination of trazodone and promethiazine. It says a lot about how severe my sleep issues are that neither alone worked, despite the fact that most people who take promethiazine become comatose within 20 minutes. The trazodone appears to help me fall asleep in the first place (though it still takes upward of three hours after taking it before I can consider sleeping) while the promethiazine keeps me asleep, so when I wake up at 5 am to go to the toilet, I can fall asleep again within minutes instead of being awake for hours. Usefully, it seems to be an antihistamine that I'm not allergic to that does actually do something for my allergies, so I am no longer quite the snottiest human alive.

Also, I've had a bad right hip for several months now (it had already hurt for over six weeks before I made that post). Last time I went to the doctor he suggested from where the pain was plus the symptoms (hurts when I exercise, hurts like hell when I stop exercising and sit on the sofa for a couple of hours, really really plays up when I cycle uphill) that I've pulled a ligament that holds my quadriceps muscle to the hip bone. So I've been on a "no cycling uphill" programme of rest, which has mostly been improving things. Except, on Tuesday night, I was in a tearing hurry to get through a queue of traffic to the railway station, and I managed to crash into a (temporarily stationary) car. It was entirely my own fault - I misjudged the timing and turning distance totally (something that I know I have a problem with - this is the main reason I've never attempted to learn to drive. I'm usually safe enough on the trike, but I'd be useless in a normal width car), but this doesn't make me feel any better. The car bumper was entirely undamaged, but I whacked the hell out of my right knee and right upper arm. There is a huge scrape along my right elbow which looks nasty, but it hurts much less than the mysteriously unbruised upper arm and the four enormous bruises on my right knee & lower leg. They hurt a lot, and I'm finding it hard to walk - let alone kneel, and do houseworky things. Bah. Would it have been any better if I'd managed to injure my left knee instead? Probably not - then I'd have two improperly functioning legs instead of one.

And I'm still really tired. Still not quite getting enough sleep and rest because of kids' exams and demand for tuition, and need more sleep than usual because of the injuries. Fun. Today, I've had not much work and have been catching up with livejournal - but I've missed so much that's happened *grumble*. Am supposed to be trying to tidy the place up, but my body isn't really up to it. So we'll have to continue living in a tip for a bit longer.
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