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Dudes! I have the BEST BOYFRIEND EVER!! He bought me a black Xbox 360 and Rock Band with all the instruments for my birthday :D I am very lucky.

Also, you will notice that it is not yet my birthday. He bought it "early" because we're going to Iceland and he won't get another chance to go to the shops beforehand. Never mind that we won't actually be here on my birthday (so, y'know, he could quite legitimately have got away without buying me anything until afterwards). * baratron has been playing Rock Band drums for the past 2 hours :D

The game is absolutely awesome and I love it. I have some definite "issues" with it, mostly related to me being a crip and it being one of the least disabled-accessible games I've played, due to the custom controllers. But I already have some ideas for how Harmonix/Red Octane could improve that, and I'm planning to write them a (proper, paper) letter... in my copious free time. One of the fixes will take a coder about an hour, so I'd have thought they'd go for it. Hmmm.
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