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Clearing out my links

Nightmare Playgrounds, linked by booklectic. Photos of playground equipment from all over the world that really doesn't seem suitable for children.

Having a big bottom may lower your risk of type II diabetes, linked by griffen. Now, if the bottom I inherited from my dad's side of the family could cancel out the genetic legacy of diabetes from my mum's side...

Daisy's Dead Air: On having a black name. Can't remember who linked it now, might have been mactavish. I actually wanted to write a proper response to this, how my experience in life has been the total opposite (passing for white because of my name), but time has not existed for serious thoughts.

Penny Arcade comic about the Anita Blake series, linked by j00j. A few weeks ago I decided to read through the entire series that I own (books 1-11), and this made me laugh A LOT.

Ghetto Fabulous Prom, linked by Damon whose lj name I can't remember. Some of the outfits are actually nice but not really appropriate for a prom (e.g. the silver and purple dress in photo 4). Some of them are holy mother of God, what the hell were they thinking! (e.g. the pink and blue slashed "skirt" and hot pants combination in photo 5). I'm kinda amused that the last photo appears to be one guy taking two girls to the prom, though.

By the way, if you're interested in the plans for our trip to Iceland, check out polymolecule/travel!
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