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I almost made a horrible mistake with my dinner...

Never eat noodles at a messy desk.

I've been drafting messages about alt.polycon 8 for the past four or five hours, and I thought it was time I should eat something. So I put the left-overs from yesterday's Chinese into the microwave, and sat here eating in front of the screen. Whilst idly chatting to some #soc.biters on irc, I noticed a stray noodle under the keyboard. I picked it up, and went to put it in my mouth. But on the way to my mouth, I noticed it was circular. How odd. Then I realised - it wasn't a noodle - it was a rubber band! I almost ate a rubber band!!

OK, so I doubt I would have actually swallowed it - I'd probably have chewed it for a bit and been confused about the texture before spitting it out and realising - but the rubber bands I have on my desk look remarkably similar to the noodles I had for dinner. That's a very scary thought.

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