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today has been a waste of a day

Argh. We decided it's time for some serious de-junking of the house, and in particular, the garden. Our back garden is a mess of dead decking, rubble, and one monstrous triffid. So Richard walked around the immediate couple of roads and made a note of all the phone numbers on skips, and I rang the companies to find out prices etc. I told all of them that the skip would have to go on the road in a parking space and asked whether they could get the necessary permit from the council for this. One of them couldn't, we'd have to apply to the council ourselves, so we didn't bother with them - the rest all had contracts. I made it very clear that the skip had to go in a residents' parking bay, how long would the permission take? and they all said one day. I was rather unconvinced about this "one day" because I was sure when we'd been looking at getting a skip a few years ago it'd been more like one week, but they all said the same thing so I believed them. (BIG MISTAKE!)

I ordered the skip on Wednesday just to make sure the council permission was in place, but there was no sign of the parking space being suspended last night. So I wrote a note to all the neighbours telling them a skip would be coming. The skip lorry came this morning at 6.55 am. Of course, there wasn't any space on the road, as it was too early for anyone to have taken their car to work. The driver waited around a bit but no cars moved, so he had to go back, and said it would be redelivered "later". Just to make this worse, I only fell asleep last night sometime after 5 am, because I had galloping raving insomnia. Argh.

So I've been drowsing on and off all day, jumping every time there's been a knock on the door or a lorry noise. And when a parking space became free, I put the tricycle in it with all the locks on and a note explaining it was there to reserve the space for a skip. (Chairs might have been better, but it's been drizzling all day and most of our chairs don't like getting wet.) Now the skip isn't going to come until tomorrow, but this is less worrying because we have the immediate next-door neighbour's car in the space and we can call her in the morning to move it. Nonetheless, I really didn't need a day of nowhere near enough sleep!

There are very rare occasions when I regret our environmental stance on car ownership. This would be one of those. A car of our own blocking the space would have made the whole thing so much easier. And for future reference, though I kinda hope that we'll never need a skip again - it really does take longer than one day to get parking bays suspended.
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