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I am at the stage of depression / fatigue / apathy where it's been feeling like I'm getting nothing done all day, due to lack of spoons. So I've decided to make a list of positive things accomplished despite feeling horrible. To people who are currently healthy, it won't sound like much, but to me it's a lot.

Things I did yesterday:
a) Woke up.
b) Ate not-very-vegan Frosties with soy milk. And a chocolate chip cookie.
c) Eventually got out of bed. Took vitamins.
d) Got dressed.
e) Walked to Norbiton station.
f) Bought a zone 1-6 Travelcard.
g) Went to Whole Foods in Kensington High Street.
h) Bought everything on my list that they actually had in stock, plus a random bonus for artremis.
i) Ate a proper dinner, courtesy of the restaurant bit upstairs. (Mmm, bean tortilla wrap.)
j) Took "go to sleep" meds ridiculously early (8.30 pm) in the hope of falling asleep before 4 am.
k) Made it to Bisexual Underground in time to see everyone I wanted to except nitoda (Bah. Also, stupid roadworks in Knightsbridge).
l) Went to Waterloo & got hot chocolate at Costa.
m) Got the train home again.
n) Was vaguely social with Richard for a couple of hours.
o) Ate vegan cupcake (prepurchased), low fat crisps, peanuts & chocolate soy milk.
p) Played Dragon Quest Monsters & somehow managed to fall asleep before 4 am.

In case you're wondering, the food is being mentioned because I keep not eating enough, due to lack of appetite / inability to make food / not really fancying anything. Although I could do with losing some of the extra mass I obtained while on mirtazapine, not eating enough isn't the way to do that. It makes your body think it's going into a famine, so everything gets stored as fat. The proper thing to do is to eat enough so you feel full but make sure what you eat is relatively low in calories. I've been plain not eating.

Things I have done so far today:
aa) Prodded Richard into wakefulness when his alarm went off. Repeatedly. Too early in the day. And he kept going back to sleep.
a) Woke up before 3 pm.
b) Eaten vegan Nutrigrain-like-but-actually-tasty breakfast bar thing. Took vitamins.
c) Washed up all the pots/pans in the sink.
d) Taken the dry laundry off the rack and folded it.
e) Put another load into the washing machine.
f) Made myself pasta.
g) Collected wet laundry from machine & put it on the rack.
h) Had a shower using lovely Faith in Nature teatree soap.
i) Got dressed.
j) Put another load into the washing machine.
k) Washed up the pan, spoon & colander used to make pasta.
l) Obtained a peach Alpro yogurt that I'm about to eat, and made random post to livejournal.
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