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ELIZA stole my username! - helen-louise — LiveJournal
ELIZA stole my username!
irc script of just now. It's a bit confusing because you have things said in the server window, #soc.bi channel window and /msg private message windows all rolled in together. So to clarify,
server window - black
#soc.bi channel window - dark green
/msg private message window - purple

Also, I didn't include the part where I copy&pasted from the private message window to the channel, as that'd only mean repeating a big chunk of text needlessly. Suffice to say, no one on #soc.bi was magically psychic to know what'd been going on elsewindow :D

* Looking up irc.freenode.net
* Connecting to irc.freenode.net ( port 6667...
* Connected. Now logging in...
* *** Looking up your hostname...
* *** Checking ident
* *** Found your hostname
* *** No identd (auth) response
* astra already in use. Retrying with baratron...
-NickServ- baratron is not a registered nickname.
* Now talking on #soc.bi
[16:46] * baratron boggles
[16:46] * You are now known as astalice
[16:46] -NickServ- This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>.
[16:46] >NickServ< identify ****
[16:46] -NickServ- You are now identified for astra.
[16:46] -NickServ- 4 failed logins since Jul 10 02:24:05 2008.
[16:46] -NickServ- Last failed attempt from: astra!n=astra@ on Jul 10 15:02:34 2008.
[16:46] * services. sets mode +e astalice
[16:47] <astalice> that's interesting and rather strange. the random other astra who stole my username has been trying to log in as me.
[16:47] <astalice> do you think they are a total n00b?
[16:48] <HoopyCat> probably
[16:48] >astra< hello, you've stolen my username. you have 3 minutes to change it before i force you off using NickServ.
[16:48] <astra> Hello there. What makes you think I have stolen your username? What makes you think I have 3 minutes to change it before you force me off using NickServ?
[16:49] <astalice> you sound just like an ELIZA program.
[16:49] <astra> Oh really what does an eliza program sound like?
[16:49] <astalice> i mean the way you're answering my points with more questions.
[16:49] <astra> Oh....I see now. Which way is that?
[16:49] <HoopyCat> teach it about freezepop and then you can go on vacation! :-)
[16:49] >NickServ< ghost astra
[16:49] -NickServ- astra has been ghosted
[16:49] * You are now known as astra
[16:49] <astra> !!!
[16:49] <HoopyCat> hahaha
[16:50] <astra> it would be much more funny if it was an ELIZA program that _hadn't_ stolen my nickname and tried to log in as me!
[16:50] <astra> gah
[16:50] <HoopyCat> nickserv makes it easy to fix
[16:51] <astra> actually, i kinda wish i'd told it to fuck off just so i could've heard the typical ELIZA response of "There's no need to use that kind of language!"
[16:51] <Rhialto> there are also many sentences that it converts into responses very obviously incorrectly
[16:54] <astra> also, replying faster than any human being could ever type. i'm a pretty quick typist but even i couldn't manage three sentences in the time i took to hit return.
[16:54] <HoopyCat> it's clearly obvious that it doesn't have brains which are BRAINS BRAINS BRAINS MUST EAT MOAR BRAINS MMM BR... *cough*

Current Mood: giggly laughing out loud

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From: kshandra Date: 10th July 2008 17:02 (UTC) (Link)
Man, that hurt to try and read on my friends page. *wry laughter*
baratron From: baratron Date: 10th July 2008 17:21 (UTC) (Link)
Yikes! Yeah, the colours really don't work with your background, do they? *lol*

I actually chose those colours because I figured that, out of the options provided in Semagic, they were the furthest apart in terms of RGB values & intensity. There was a nice bright red and bright blue, but they were around the same intensity, meaning that a person with total colour blindness wouldn't be able to make any sense of them. Similarly, that dark green was a bit too similar in brightness to the dark blue. At least dark green plus bright purple are different enough that they should be distinguishable to most people...

...except the ones with bright purple backgrounds :D
From: kshandra Date: 10th July 2008 17:24 (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, coming directly to your journal and viewing them natively was fine. In my own journal? Not so much. *giggle*
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