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ELIZA stole my username!

irc script of just now. It's a bit confusing because you have things said in the server window, #soc.bi channel window and /msg private message windows all rolled in together. So to clarify,
server window - black
#soc.bi channel window - dark green
/msg private message window - purple

Also, I didn't include the part where I copy&pasted from the private message window to the channel, as that'd only mean repeating a big chunk of text needlessly. Suffice to say, no one on #soc.bi was magically psychic to know what'd been going on elsewindow :D

* Looking up irc.freenode.net
* Connecting to irc.freenode.net ( port 6667...
* Connected. Now logging in...
* *** Looking up your hostname...
* *** Checking ident
* *** Found your hostname
* *** No identd (auth) response
* astra already in use. Retrying with baratron...
-NickServ- baratron is not a registered nickname.
* Now talking on #soc.bi
[16:46] * baratron boggles
[16:46] * You are now known as astalice
[16:46] -NickServ- This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>.
[16:46] >NickServ< identify ****
[16:46] -NickServ- You are now identified for astra.
[16:46] -NickServ- 4 failed logins since Jul 10 02:24:05 2008.
[16:46] -NickServ- Last failed attempt from: astra!n=astra@ on Jul 10 15:02:34 2008.
[16:46] * services. sets mode +e astalice
[16:47] <astalice> that's interesting and rather strange. the random other astra who stole my username has been trying to log in as me.
[16:47] <astalice> do you think they are a total n00b?
[16:48] <HoopyCat> probably
[16:48] >astra< hello, you've stolen my username. you have 3 minutes to change it before i force you off using NickServ.
[16:48] <astra> Hello there. What makes you think I have stolen your username? What makes you think I have 3 minutes to change it before you force me off using NickServ?
[16:49] <astalice> you sound just like an ELIZA program.
[16:49] <astra> Oh really what does an eliza program sound like?
[16:49] <astalice> i mean the way you're answering my points with more questions.
[16:49] <astra> Oh....I see now. Which way is that?
[16:49] <HoopyCat> teach it about freezepop and then you can go on vacation! :-)
[16:49] >NickServ< ghost astra
[16:49] -NickServ- astra has been ghosted
[16:49] * You are now known as astra
[16:49] <astra> !!!
[16:49] <HoopyCat> hahaha
[16:50] <astra> it would be much more funny if it was an ELIZA program that _hadn't_ stolen my nickname and tried to log in as me!
[16:50] <astra> gah
[16:50] <HoopyCat> nickserv makes it easy to fix
[16:51] <astra> actually, i kinda wish i'd told it to fuck off just so i could've heard the typical ELIZA response of "There's no need to use that kind of language!"
[16:51] <Rhialto> there are also many sentences that it converts into responses very obviously incorrectly
[16:54] <astra> also, replying faster than any human being could ever type. i'm a pretty quick typist but even i couldn't manage three sentences in the time i took to hit return.
[16:54] <HoopyCat> it's clearly obvious that it doesn't have brains which are BRAINS BRAINS BRAINS MUST EAT MOAR BRAINS MMM BR... *cough*
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