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my sleazy employer is no more!

I'm rather disorientated. Or possibly disoriented. I *think* that disoriented would be a physical dizziness thing, and disorientated is more mental/emotional/spiritual? But they could, in fact, be synonyms. Hmm. Discombobulated appears to be a real word though, so let's go for that.

Anyway. The reason I am so diswhatevered is because my sleazy employer is no more! No, I don't mean they died. They've sold up and gone back to Korea. Somewhat suddenly from my perspective, although I suppose I haven't been to the college in almost a month because of it being the end of the exam season. The new owner is a woman who seems far more businesslike - she has made a lot of small physical changes to the place. Now we have chairs that aren't falling apart! Toilet doors that lock! Orderly classrooms without piles of random paper everywhere! I no longer have to spend 15 minutes walking from room to room to try to find the textbook I want that another teacher or student has "stolen" and not returned to the bookshelves! The walls have been painted and the carpets replaced, so it looks like a professional place in which to work or learn! The front office has a fancy glass partition instead of the cheap chipboard thing that used to be there, so you can see the directors all the time! (This should improve student behaviour in breaktimes no end.) There is a secretary! There might even be organisation! Best of all, they've brought Dr Y back. He used to be the financial director but disappeared a few years ago. While he was around, the college paid me reliably and on time; after he left payments got more and more erratic. Hmm.

I don't know if this means I can carry on working there after the summer. The total lack of organisation of the previous incumbents combined with their disregard for the teachers having other jobs or lives beyond that place has really worn me down (typically, they would call me sometime after 7 pm and ask if I'd be able to teach the next day - best example ever being a call after 10 pm expecting me to be available at 9.30 am. There was no emergency, just disorganisation), and I've been planning to quit in September since January. But I'll write a letter to the new boss explaining some of my problems and see what her response is.

Goodbye Mr K and your bouncy cheques! Goodbye Mrs K and your ridiculous last-minute phonecalls! Goodbye Timmy and Tommy! *(this comment will only make sense to people who've played Animal Crossing).
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