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I am still terribly behind with livejournal. Not with reading it: I've caught up with all of my friends' journals, and read all of the important communities, but I haven't got round to writing several quite long posts that I meant to. The majority of the entries in my personal journal are things that I've written either solely or mostly for myself, so this is completely irrelevant to anyone reading this who isn't me, but it bugs me that I've been walking around with articles in my head that I haven't had time to write down.

Well, I hope that everyone reading this, including me, is having a pleasant and restful festive season. Regardless of whether you celebrate anything at this time or not, it's nice to have a few days when everyone has time off to recharge their batteries. I know for me, being in the northern hemisphere, it's rather good not to have to worry about getting up early during the shortest days of the year - I don't suffer from SAD as such, but my broken circadian rhythms get even more broken when it's dark from 3 in the afternoon until 8 in the morning. A couple of days lying on the futon in the front room with a book and the tv and sparkly lights on our fake fibre-optic Christmas tree really come in handy.

I did actually print out and send cards to everyone I know, but quite a few people didn't respond to my email asking for their postal address. Also, the post office has been exceptionally crap the last few days - it's Christmas, their busiest time of year, so what do they do? Yes, they start keeping much shorter hours! And then they wonder why they're losing money! So I have holiday greetings cards (specifically including Solstice and New Year as well as Christmas) for several of you sitting here in my flat waiting for the post office to reopen. Well, you might just get them before the end of the month...

barty and inquis - your presents are lost in the post. I ordered a load of things from a charity catalogue, and they haven't turned up six weeks later. I need to prod the catalogue people and say "oy, where's me stuff got to?", but their office is closed until 31st December. So you'll have to wait - sorry :( In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this link, courtesy of rosefox. Yes, it's erotica for role-players!

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