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Place your bets!

I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. My GP is very good at treating patients, but very bad at being on time. He's the sort of doctor who wants to keep talking to you until you're more sorted out than when you went into the surgery, which is a good thing, except that he also specialises in the most difficult patients. Typically mental health, dual diagnoses and complicated stuff that no one else wants to touch. Also, Tuesday is the only afternoon session he does, meaning that it's "junkie day". People with combined mental health & substance abuse problems tend to be even worse at mornings than I am, so his Tuesday afternoon surgery gets filled up with highly distressed individuals.

So, let's play a game. How late will Dr Mike be running by the time I get to see him?
Poll #1231662 How late is Dr Mike?

My doctor's appointment today is scheduled for 5.40 pm. I will actually be seen at...

5.40 - 5.49 pm
5.50 - 5.59 pm
6.00 - 6.09 pm
6.10 - 6.19 pm
6.20 - 6.29 pm
6.30 - 6.39 pm
6.40 - 6.49 pm
6.50 - 6.59 pm
7.00 - 7.09 pm
7.10 - 7.19 pm
7.20 - 7.29 pm
After 7.30 pm

Oh yeah, and for anyone who's wondering: the surgery closes when all the doctors have finished. I think it's officially open until 7 pm tonight, but that's just the official time of the last appointment.

I will post the result at some point after I get back, and the voter or voters who get closest will win some sort of virtual prize. Ideally something that doesn't cost me any real money ;D
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