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too tired to talk - helen-louise
too tired to talk
Last night I slept appallingly badly, and so am spending today wandering round like a zombie who hasn't had enough brains. For some reason, I had an excessively dry mouth all night, but nothing helped. It's amazing how unable to function one night of insomnia+interrupted sleep makes me, but this is possibly because I tend to run underslept at the best of times.

flippac is staying here because she has a conference in London. Not sure how much socialising with us she's going to do relative to socialising with conference-people, but it's nice to have met her.

I'm too tired to write anything more interesting. Bah. Will try to get offline and get something useful done.

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nessbutterfly From: nessbutterfly Date: 12th August 2008 04:43 (UTC) (Link)
Know the too tired to talk feeling... Just want to say thanks for braving the scary google stuff for me when you are in such a bad state yourself.

Hope things are on the way towards improving at least.
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