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Banzai! [revised & updated]

Yay! Banzai is back! In the past couple of days, there have been two repeats of old shows and a Christmas Eve special. One of the repeats was a show that I hadn't seen before (bonus!), and the other was the one I mentioned in June, with The Goth Man Kissing Challenge. How exciting!

If you happen to be in the UK, and you haven't already seen this show, shame on you! It's half an hour of bizarre Japanese-style humour - "From the land where anything is possible comes new gambling opportunity!". Basically, strange situations are set up and you have to bet on the outcome. You don't get anything for your bet - there's no prizes on offer - the idea is that you sit and watch it with your friends, and you get the satisfaction of being right or the annoyance of being wrong. It's all very silly. Not terribly authenically Japanese, mind you, but fun anyway.

There were two particularly amusing bets on offer in the Christmas special. In one, they lined up "three lonely men who had no one to pull their cracker, so they had to do it themselves". Three guys got to pick a girlie magazine and disappear into a cubicle, and you had to guess which of them "would deposit the gift of life" first. I'm not making this up! Then they got Tony Hart, a well-known British artist who must be in his 70s by now, to do "Tony Hart's Disco Dilemma". Apparently Tony Hart likes to do things for old people and charity, including running discos. Unfortunately, he only likes to play music by Radiohead. They played three Radiohead songs, and you had to guess by the way some old people were dancing which song they were listening to! Meeeep!

I'd point you at the Banzai website, but the one on banzai.com hasn't been updated since the summer, and the one on channel4.com is just crap. So instead, I'll just reassure you that I've been recording the last few episodes and can show you the videos whenever you happen to visit me :)

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