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periods are disgusting

ARGH. Period pain. I have been woken up every 2 hours by it. Now I have run out of doses of medication, because both the painkillers I'm using can only have 4 doses in 24 hours. I have to wait until 12:10 before I can take something again. ARGH.

Why can't someone invent a painkiller where you can take it every 4 hours for the whole 24 hours? Is that really asking too much?

Also, this period turned up during the night on Monday - I woke up with it on Tuesday morning. My last period started on a Thursday, and the one before that on a Saturday night. What is with this 25-26 day cycle? I want a nice regular 28 days, or even better, a nice regular 32 day cycle. Something that maximises the time between one period and the next, not minimises it.

And often, when women have shorter cycles, the periods themselves are not so bad. This one is as disgusting as my last (Ness, do not click the link again!). Possibly even worse, as this time looking at what's coming out makes me feel nauseated.

When my head is more sorted, I need to go and get my uterus looked at.
Tags: drugs being annoying, icky girlstuff

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