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no sleep till Leicester

Thanks to kyte & mjl & everyone else who commented on the application form of doom. It has been posted Special Delivery, so should arrive tomorrow.

I have also achieved food shopping, 42 chocolatey crunchy cakes (30 normal, 12 brown rice guaranteed vegan & gluten-free), drugs (the medicinal kind from the pharmacy), earplugs (which took MUCH faffing) and organisation. Am now in Leicester. Haven't really done any BiCon tonight due to otterylexa & I getting hopelessly lost courtesy of an online map arrow that wasn't in the right place. Oh well.

I had meant to collect people's mobile numbers for texting during BiCon, but it transpires that I don't have phone coverage in my flat unless I leave the phone on the window sill. Not sure if this applies to the whole of the campus here, or what. Will find out tomorrow when spoons exist again. Anyway, I'll screen comments on this post in case anyone wants to tell me their number for meeting-up purposes. Mine is here.

Bed now. Hope it's comfortable.
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